Beautiful Meili Mountains of Yunnan, China

Images of the spectacular Meili Mountain range in Nothern Yunnan China.

One of the most sacred and beloved mountain ranges to Tibetan Buddhists, 卡瓦格博 (Kawagarbo Peak) is the tallest of the 梅里雪山 (Meili Xue Shan or Meili Snow Mountain) range along the Tibet/Yunnan border at 6740 meters (22,107 feet) above sea level. Most of the tallest peaks in the range have never been summoned due to both the harshness (an expedition lost all 17 members during a climb attempt in 1991) and the religious meaning (It is believed that man should never stand above the warrior god peak of Kawagarbo or the warrior god will leave them.).

Unfortunately the #Mingyong glacier you see just in front of Kawagarbo Peak has retreated over 200 meters in just the last 4 years(!) with many saying it’s due to global warming. The Tibetans that are the caretakers of the mountain believe it is receding because they haven’t worshiped well enough, along with mans attempts to climb.