Echoing Sands Mountain, Dunhuang, Gansu [This is China #3]

Riding camels in the desert. Climbing up massive sand dunes. Listening to the sounds of the wandering sand. Having a great time in north western China. These are all things I did when I traveled to Echoing Sands Mountain (Or Singing Sands Mountain, or Mingsha Shan (鸣沙山).) in Dunhuang, Gansu, China.

Welcome to Dunhuang China! I’ll be posting quite a few videos from this far north-western Desert town in the upcoming months from my excursion last year. I was invited to photograph some of the most rare caves and historical features in the world at Mogao Grottoes, a Unesco World Heritage site, the site of the largest cache of ancient Buddhist art in the world! I became part of the first group ever to photograph the inside of the cave system as it’s very old and has been protected since 1944 by the Dunhuang Research Academy. Photography is STRICTLY PROHIBITED, so this was an extremely rare glimpse!