Kung Fu Imaging.com China Photography website is “NEW”, again.

A while back I was looking at my China Photography website and just thought it was a bit dull, unfinished, and not so user-friendly, so I decided to change that.  The result is, well, what you are most likely viewing now.  My goal is to turn the site into one with wonderful galleries of images from three categories: THIS IS CHINA, which is my long-term China-based project; Commercial, consisting of commercial style imaging; and People, for images of people generally in their environment.


Some of the things I’ve done are:

Rearranged the pages to make more sense and share the items I WANT to share, as well as what I’ve been ASKED to share.

Designed the site around an impressive gallery setup (I hope!).

Added very user-friendly, and simple to use, comment sections.

Created a simple sign-up for a monthly newsletter.

Added a Tech Talk blog since I seem to be answering plenty of friends tech requests lately (Keep ’em coming as I really enjoy helping others with their tech needs!).

And many more behind the scenes improvements.


Please feel free to comment below with your opinions on the “new” site.




Adam Crase

Kung Fu Imaging