Yeah, I’m a Lefty!

I was snooping around and found this little video about left handed people. Why did this matter to me?  This matters because I am a left handed China photographer!  I’ll share the video in this post, but for now, I want to say why this matters.

In China, people who are left handed are labeled as “clever”. My thinking is they were labeled this because these were the people that could trick their teacher into thinking they were right handed (Since teachers in China will make the students right with their right hand no matter what!) when they were actually lefties.  Additionally, I’m pretty sure many Chinese think Lefties are either disabled, or a little mental since they’re taught when young it’s good to be right handed.  In fact one of the words for left in Mandarin Chinese, 左 (or zǔo), means not in line or improper.

There is pretty much no such thing as a “Lefty” Nikon or Canon camera, which means I have to take photos just like everyone else.  Now, this seems a bit trivial since people tend to get used to what they learn first and since I learned first on a regular, not left-handed, camera, I’m used to it.  In fact, I think it someone made a lefty camera, it would likely feel odd to use.

In China, it’s pretty much rude to eat, drink, pretty much anything ceremonial, and shake hands with the left hand.  When I request to sit on the left side end of a table the Chinese often wonder why until they see me eat with my left hand.  Then they often say something like, “Whoa.  You are so clever.”  It’s actually not uncommon to have someone tell me they’ve never met a left handed person before.  They just don’t know how I live.  It’s kinda funny.

One more thing, I wrote the words in the photo above with a Wacom Intuos 4 tablet.  One of the best things about the Wacom is that it has a left handed mode!  It’s great!  Get an Intuos tablet is you do ANY photo or graphics work.  The photo of my hand was taken in harsh lighting with my iphone 4.


Anyway, here is the video:

[youtube id=”7xU7U9zZ5I0″ mode=”normal”]