“Kung Fu:  The study and pursuit of perfection in a given skill or group of skills through hard work and practice.”

I often hear from photographers about their niche, their place in the photography world.  They often ask me what my specialty is, or what my focus is.  I tell them that my focus is to be better than the best, to take photos differently than everyone else, and to always be improving, as well as perfecting, my skills and abilities. That’s where “Kung Fu” became involved.  I thought of Bruce Lee and his “Kung Fu” style.  He had no single style.  Bruce Lee felt that one martial arts style wouldn’t work for all situations, as I feel with photography, so he tried to learn as many of them as possible.  He studied Kung Fu, so he practiced and worked hard to learn all he could and be the best he could be.  I try the same with my photography and Imaging.  I’m like Bruce Lee in that I work hard to learn as many different styles of photography as possible, and to learn them well, so that one day when I need a particular skill, I’ve got it!

“You see the world as though your eyes are a camera” is a quote I’ve been told quite often.  I believe it’s true.  Since my youth, I’ve tried to look at the world for its beauty, its symmetry, its color, and even its faults.  I feel that is why Kung Fu Imaging is more than just photography.   When I decided to use Imaging, instead of Photography, it was with this purpose in mind.   I don’t just take photographs, but images that people can look at and feel.

I am an American photographer working in China.  I’m known for spectacular imaging showcasing China’s History, Culture, People, and Beauty (Landscape and Architectural beauty).   As a commercial photographer I’m known for extreme detail and accuracy, as well as an understanding of getting the job done right the first time!

The basic Imaging services I offer are ­­­­below:

  • Travel
  • Editorial
  • Portraits (Business or Personal)
  • Fashion

  • Advertising
  • Product
  • Catalog
  • Event

Focusing on China and based in the Southern Guangdong province, but will travel worldwide!

Adam Crase

Phone: (+86) 1-345-008-5257

It is my goal to share images of modern-day China with the world.

Temple of Heaven

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