Beautiful and Amazing Stone Forest in Shilin, China

One of the most beloved geological areas of China is the Stone Forest of Shilin (Near Kunming.) Yunnan.  The Park is part of the South China Karst Unesco Heritage Region, and houses truly impressive stone structures built by nature.  Additionally, during the middle of the day, when walking in the heat isn’t recommended, it’s great to stop and watch one of the shows put on by Sani (Part of the Yi Ethnic Group.) minority groups.  My favorite is the Dasanxian Folk Dance, named after the large three-stringed lute the men play and is a way to express joy and happiness.  When performing, the males usually dance and play Dasanxian instruments with the accompaniment of a flute or whistle, while the females dance together.

During one of the groups breaks, I was allowed to sit with them and attempt to communicate as the men smoked their tobacco water bongs and the women stitched and sewed.  It was a very enjoyable afternoon for me.

All in all the park is an excellent day trip from Kunming, or you can stay overnight in any of the hotels nearby for less than ¥200 RMB.  Go early and take the cart to the back of the park and feel the solitude of the sunrise views along with the sounds of the birds.


Sani People Info

Below is a Youtube video i found of the dance.  It is NOT my video.