Here’s how to make YouTube go Retro!

Many people are really into Retro styling, others think it should go the way of the Yugo.  Youtube felt that it should give their Geek Week (I think I’m a Geek at times, so this weeks for me!) some retro geek styling, and here’s how to see it for yourself!

It’s easy really.  Just go to YouTube and enter /(a space)(any search term you want) then search.  Voila, you’ve turned YouTube retro!

Example posted below of the results from (Minus the quotes.) “/ craseinchina”.

Please feel free to share this post.  I want others to hear about this.  Check below for links and a promo video for YouTube Geek Week.

craseinchina   YouTube


Click here for a link to the actual Geek Week event page on YouTube.

Here is a video promo for YouTubes Geek Week.

[youtube id=”-m_S-IDs3Wg”]