How the best Android phone is made

I’ve been a bit outspoken to my friends about the lack of innovation in the world of cell phones lately, and feel both the iPhone 5 and its counterpart, the Samsung Galaxy S4, are a bit, well, uninspiring. That is why when I first heard about, then saw images of, the HTC One Android cell phone, I was excited again about a techie talky device. I feel the flag bearer phones from Apple and Samsung, while excellent, are merely evolutionary, meaning NOT interesting enough for an upgrade.

Aluminum edging

This is where the HTC One come in. Here is a small list of important HTC One innovations by the Taiwanese company headed by Jony Ive:

HTC Zoe – This is something that really makes the iPhone camera look old. Innovative features included in Zoe range from being able to move time for EACH PERSON IN THE PHOTO to make sure they are all smiling in the finished image (Even if they never actually all smiled at the same time!) to creating movement in one area, but not in others of the image. Oh yeah, you can also easily, and intuitively REMOVE things from the image that you don’t want.

HTC Ultrapixel Camera – This may be one of my favorite reasons to buy an HTC One as photography is obviously important to me. What HTC did was simply to not believe the hype surrounding pixel count, but instead made BETTER pixels to make BETTER images! By making an imaging sensor that gathers more light, they made taking great photos indoors or in lowlight possible on a cell phone.

Beautiful Unibody construction – The lowdown on the HTC One is that its basically made from one single piece of Aluminum, cut by a specially developed Diamond cutting machine, making it One (hehe) beautiful phone!

Aluminum before

HTC Reveals plenty on their own website about the Features of this Uber Android phone. I’m really looking forward to the end of the year when the NEXT iPhone is revealed. Here’s to hoping it’s something like the HTC One! Below is a really groovy video about the design and creation of the HTC One’s look.

[youtube id=”fSkbIb60l1s” mode=”normal” align=”center”]