Quite a time to be a lover of Tech!

Within the next 36 hours, I’ll be in a tech coma no doubt!  But I’ll be loving it.  Starting, well, right now, I’m installing my NEW Lightroom 5 upgrade to my Lightroom 4.  There are a bunch of improvements in my favorite photo editing/sorting/exporting program that I’m super excited to use.  Then, later tonight and tomorrow big news in the world of Apple and video games (Playstation 4 and Xbox One will be fully outed.) will be Keynoted which for a tech geek like me is just about too much love at one time.  I’m going to be in a tech spec searching/researching mode for a few days, I’m sure.  Then, Adobe has decided to release a new top version of all of their professional applications under the name CC instead of CSx, denoting the Creative Cloud subscription model that is now what Adobe does.  I am very excited for quite a few of the new tools these programs will give me.  So, what do I think will happen at these events?  Let me tell you.


Apple is about to start their WWDC (Apple Worldwide Developers Conference) which in the past is where they tend to make big announcements.  I believe they will announce IOS 7, OSX SOMECATNAME, some new Macs, and I’m giving a 50% chance that we will see some new iphone/ipad hardware.   The new Haswell processor (Think faster and less power hungry.) should be in force on the Mac side, showing yet again that Apple makes good use of available technology quickly.


I’m hoping to see some sort of customizable widget system, some updates to the general UI, and some innovative and useable software features.  I don’t know what they would be, but something like HTC’s Zoe would be groovy for the camera.  Additionally, I’d like to see better power management options, although, I feel the current ones are much better than Android, it can be improved.  I’m hoping the UI has some sort of smart technology for dealing with ambiant light (Maybe changing icons or UI elements with the available lighting would be cool.), and from what I’m seeing, a flatter appearance making it a bit more modern.  I’m also interested to see what the apps will look like without the skimorppssnnfffndn…  without looking like a notepad, for instance.  iRadio sounds like a go, especially with Sony finally jumping on.  I love Pandora, and if iRadio ends up anything like it, I could see it flourish.

New iPhone/iPad

I’m hopeful, based on some of what I’ve heard that a big surprise is coming, but at the same time, I understand it might not be the time for Apple to intro new iPhone hardware.  I really want them to create something innovative and lustworthy as the HTC One.  The iPad isn’t gonna change, I think, although the iPad mini might get a screen update of some sort along with a slight spec bump.


I’m really looking forward to a tabbed Finder, the ability for multiple full screen views, some new sort of quick-switching (Think IOS) method to accompany Shift-Tab and that’s about it.  I’m sure there will be more, but we shall see here.

Video Games

As for games…  Xbox One and the Playstation 4…  They will be nearly the same thing.  Sony will be more game centric, and Microsoft will be more Livingroom based, but they will both do it all very well.  Look for exclusives for both (big exclusives!), as well as amazing tech demos.


I really love the Creative Cloud.  What adobe offers is such an amazing deal for creatives and those who wish to create, like myself.  Thanks Adobe!  I’ll make sure to write more once it’s been released in less than a week.