Shilin Stone Forest Original Textures

Another in my “Texture” Series.  If you’re wondering what the series is about, here ya go.  As I travel around China, I look for interesting textures that I and others can use for whatever purpose.  I often use textures in Photoshop to give a “textured” feeling where there might be none (But I want there to be.).  Below is an image without, then with, texture.

Xianyang Mini Soldiers-2 Xianyang Mini Soldiers b4

Now, One of the cool things about my textures is that they are FREE!  100%.  All I ask is attribution when you use one.  As you will see, you cannot right-click and save these images (Or any on, so you need to email me for the HD version of the texture.  That’s it.  Please share this on social networks so that others can enjoy these free textures.

The textures below are original textures, photographed by Adam Crase of Kung Fu Imaging in Shilin Stone forest in Yunnan, China.